Alright sham?!

'News Editor Ethan' is Juice1038's Mr. Serious - seriously.

Ever since seeing Anchor Man when he was a young lad and having a serious conversation with Paul Clarke's amazing eyebrows, Ethan has been hooked on the whole journalism buzz.

He's currently based in Salford, Manchester where he's completing a degree in Multimedia Journalism at Salford University and uses the power of telepathy* to deliver us our Sixty Second Update scripts each day.

When he's not dressing up as Ron Burgundy at home, you can catch Ethan Netflix-ing (and chilling, prob), listening to some proper banging 70s Punk (when he's not raving while listening to Juice1038, obv) and trying to convince people from his Uni who've never visited NI that Ballymena is heaven on earth.

*Email and Dropbox